About Us

Car owners around the world are often a harassed lot when it comes to taking out a new or renewing an existing car insurance cover. The reason for this is simple. Insurance companies in almost all countries have one fixed basic cover in place followed by different options to choose from that will customise the ideal cover as required by the car owner. There is hardly a document or location on the Internet where all possible manifestations of car insurance can be got from one single place. This is what we at prbhs.org have set out to do with regard to car insurance.

Very few blog sites are dedicated exclusively to car insurance and prbhs.org is one of them. Our aim is to take out the complexities of car insurance and explain to the general car owner what car insurance is basically all about.

Towards this objective, we invite contributions from bloggers who can write on this niche and are generally a credible authority on this subject. This by no means is an indication that only blogs from those in the industry are being requested for. Anybody who has in-depth knowledge of the subject can also send us their writings. It can be either on types of insurance available or what car owners should opt for to optimise their benefits or anything else that will add to what the general vehicle owners already know.

On the other hand, blogs from people who have faced difficulties in getting insurance claims or have something similar to share with other car owners is welcome. Real life experiences always create an exclusive authenticity on any subject.

It does not take long to type a few lines on car insurance which might immensely help others when they take out a car insurance the next time around. Any news, information or trivia in this niche is most welcome by us at prbhs.org.